Give a little love.. one sock at a time.
Every single sock is better than none. Warmth is love.

Bienvenido, Bom Dia, Bonjour, Hello, Hola, Salam, Shalom, Ola..


somehow right now it all seems to go a little slower.. but it goes..

so here s the link to our new homepage.


to link it to this URL somehow didn t work. hope u all are safe and have a very warm and loving Christmas whereever you are!!

Our proposal is..


It s easy.

you can give a little love in the form of

1 sock = 2Euros

2 (a pair) of socks = 4 Euros

or more :)

Here you get to the shop.

We buy and distribute socks to those homeless, freezin on the streets,.. to give a little warmth.

90% goes into sox, hosting this, .., 10% is for myself. seems fair.

Here you can donate

Thank you for being here!

It all seems a little overwhelming at times..

But some things are simple.

you can make this day better:

1) smile at someone today

2) tell someone u love them

3) say out loud 3 things u re thankful for

4) give a sock or two..

this mail is connected to our paypal account. if you want to support us - that d be grand!!

Personally I find it sometimes a wee bit tricky to know what is good.. when seeing someone freezing / in the streets.. money? buy them a coffee? just go past

The pandemic is a real desaster - especially if we let it rob us of our humanIty. Chose a little givin today!

Here u can dontate sockx.